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Akira Kurosawa‘s masterpiece High & Low premiered 50 years ago today in Japan. Watch a video of New York Times critic A.O. Scott discussing the film.

The Writers Guild of America, West lists their 101 Greatest Screenplays, topped by Casablanca. []

A photo of early film pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumière in 1914. [Reddit]

Watch a BBC interview with Frederico Fellini from 1972. [@emmafgreen]

A photo from a 1940 LIFE Magazine detailing the Hays Code. [Reddit]

NYC’s IFC Center is holding a Stanley Kubrick retrospective this month, with all films being presented in 35mm. See a photo of the filmmaker on the Dr. Strangelove set below. []

An inside look at the Martin Scorsese exhibition in Berlin, including a message from the director himself. [Indiewire/Kinematek]

Charlie Chaplin meets Helen Keller in 1919. [Retronaut]

A trailer for Emilio D’Alessandro‘s novel Stanley Kubrick & Me, and a well-done video tribute highlighting the director’s career. [The Playlist]

Fritz Lang on the set of Metropolis. [@emmafgreen]

Watch Leos Carax‘s 1997 short film Sans titre. [Biblioklept]

Watch an hour-long BBC documentary on Robert Altman. [Cinephilia & Beyond]

A Japanese poster for David Cronenberg‘s Videodrome. [Criterion Cast]

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