With the American Film Market beginning today, word is going to be breaking left and right on new movies finding distribution or funding — but if you expected that to wait until the event officially began, you don’t understand how the internet works. THR brings us the news that Synchronicity Entertainment will be on hand at the Santa Monica-based conference to land homes for two upcoming genre movies: the horror film Cooties and the thriller Due Process.

The former, set to star noted horror aficionado (and Maniac star) Elijah Wood, follows the outbreak of a virus at an elementary school which turns all the students into bloodthirsty savages, with it being up to one man to help the ragtag group of teachers survive this nightmare. Screenplay duties on Cooties were handled by horror specialist Leigh Whannell (co-creator of Saw and Insidious) and, well, Glee co-creator Ian Brennan; Ace Norton has signed on to direct whenever he’s free from his day job of being a hot shot fighter pilot. (Okay, not really, but with that name he should be shooting down Commies alongside Maverick and Goose.) Production on Cooties is set to begin this April.

The other movie of note, Due Process, will star John Cusack as a farmer who doesn’t take too kindly to two city bankers who make their way to his farm with the intentions of foreclosing the property. Since it’s a thriller, I suspect the lead character to fight back in some disturbing and possibly deadly ways. No other information other than the plot and the star was made public in their article, but production begins on the movie in January; I assume they’ve got a plan in place.

Cusack has also lined up another Stephen King adaptation after finding success with 1408. ScreenDaily reports he is set to lead the project Cell, which has the insane premise of the aftermath of a catastrophic event following pulses being sent by cell phones. Cusack would play a father searching for his child and wife in the script written by The Last House On The Left screenwriter Adam Alleca and King himself. No word yet on director, but if this gets traction at AFM, expect more news soon.

Which movie sounds more appealing to you: Cooties, Due Process or Cell?

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