As another Coppola joins the filmmaking ranks this week with the arrival of Palo Alto, today we’re taking a look back at the career of Gia Coppola‘s aunt Sofia Coppola. The director recently released a previously unseen set of behind-the-scenes stills from her 2003 masterpiece Lost in Translation, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray enjoying their time on set.

A few years prior to that feature, and one year before she would make her feature debut, the director also completed her first short film, Lick the Star. Shot in black-and-white an in 16mm, from the first shot, her style will be apparent to those familiar with her films. Check it out below, along with the behind-the-scenes stills (four newly unearthed ones from Empire via Tumblr, and others we’ve collected), as well as Funny or Die’s parody of Coppola’s next feature, The Little Mermaid.

Is Lost in Translation your favorite film from Sofia Coppola?

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