Update #2: Netflix has pulled the plug on the film due to budget issues, Deadline reports. Here’s hoping Netflix smartens up or another studio comes in to save the day.

Update: The film is titled Paris Paramount, Deadline reports.

If the world of rom-coms has felt a bit lackluster in the last eight or so years, it’s clearly because we’ve been missing out on the bourgeoisie auteurist comforts of Nancy Meyers. Following 2015’s The Intern, she linked up with Netflix to produce her next film and now a few more details have arrived surrounding the rom-com.

Scarlett Johansson, Owen Wilson, Penélope Cruz, and Michael Fassbender will star in the project, according to the latest edition of Matthew Belloni’s Puck newsletter. He also reports Netflix has greenlit a major budget in the $130 million range for the film, which is expected to begin shooting this May in Los Angeles. While some may balk at the lavish amount, it’s not wildly out of the $70-$85 million ballpark she worked with a decade or two ago. (Indeed, those home furnishings don’t come cheap.)

While official plot details haven’t been disclosed yet, a logline was going around revealing the film is set in the world of Hollywood: “Talented young writer/director, Porter Nash, and brilliant young producer, Reggie Pettipiece get off to a fantastic Hollywood start: meeting, quickly falling in love, and creating successful films together. Soon enough, the romance fades and the two call it quits, but when another great career opportunity arises, they find themselves teamed up on a new project with high stakes and two emotionally volatile stars that may test their limits…”

In terms of the cast, it’s most interesting to see Fassbender will utilize his rom-com chops. The actor, whose only film since the disastrous The Snowman six years ago was 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, is mounting quite a resurgence with David Fincher’s

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