After taking part in Captain America: The First Avenger together, Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper are going head-to-head for a new thriller. Set to arrive next month, Reasonable Doubt (once titled The Good Samaritan) finds Cooper as a District Attorney who kills a man after a hit-and-run, but then (shocker!) ends up getting involved in the case, which falsely sets up Jackson as the man who committed the crime.

The first trailer has now landed and we recommend only viewing the first minute or so if you’re at all interested in this one, as it looks to completely spoil some of the major twists. Direction comes from Peter Howitt, who crafted the enjoyable thriller Antitrust, as well as Sliding Doors, while the script is by Peter A. Dowling, who gave us the twisty Flightplan. It certainly doesn’t look like high art, but it could be a fun VOD rent and one can check out the trailer below.

Reasonable Doubt hits theaters and VOD on January 17th.

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