This summer, prolific Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo scored his biggest U.S. hit yet with Right Now, Wrong Then, a Groundhog Day-esque comedy about a man granted the gift we’d all like at some point or another: the opportunity to relive a day and save a bad date. Or something like that: one of the greatest pleasures (in a movie brimming with them) is its lack of explanation as to what is happening, why it’s happening, and if anybody understands that they’re living a previously enacted scenario — or clarification if the scenario even is repeated, for that matter.

Subtle differences between one segment and the other form Right Now, Wrong Then‘s respective narrative paths. Although the two characters’ initial encounters are, to the naked eye, indistinguishable, Kevin B. Lee has created a side-by-side breakdown of the sequences that can only lend further appreciation to Hong’s strange project. The video is itself a work of art because of how it balances the writing of texts between sequences and regales philosophies below all of that. Just like the work to which it pays tribute, it’s a bit overwhelming and entirely deserving of multiple looks.

Watch it below:

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