It’s hard to believe Terrence Malick‘s The Tree of Life will be celebrating its three-year anniversary shortly, but as the recently-prolific director debuted his follow-up last year and has two “excellent” dramas in the can for hopeful 2014 premieres, it’s time to head back a few years to revisit his sweeping achievement.

While Fox Searchlight’s official poster did justice to Malick and Emmanuel Lubezki’s stunning cinematography, the California-based ad agency Prologue also created a hefty batch of one-sheets, which all went unused. While they’ve been floating around for some time, A Bittersweet Life gave us a heads up to the location of all 90. Thankfully none of them seem to take a very standard approach, so check them out below, click for slightly higher resolution, and head over to their site to see additional work they did on the film, including credits.

Update: Posters removed at the request of Fox Searchlight. You can try your luck here.

Which unused poster is your favorite?

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