If you saw 22 Jump Street this past weekend — and according to the box office, chances are that’s the case — then you likely came away impressed by the talents of Jillian Bell. While we won’t spoil her role, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller recently talked to us about how she outdid Jonah Hill in the addition (which also comes off in the film), but they’re not the only directors that have her on their radar.

jillian_bellAccording to an interview with Cosmopolitan (h/t @modage), Bell revealed she shot a part in Paul Thomas Anderson‘s sprawling Inherent Vice. Reteaming with the director after The Master, she says she’s she hasn’t read the book, but adds, “It’s pretty amazing, though. I need to get through it. I have such a small part in the movie — I loved doing it, I would do anything for Paul Thomas Anderson because he’s Paul Thomas Anderson — but they just flew me in just to do a small part as this weird waitress. But I got to do a scene with Benicio Del Toro, who is honestly my favorite actor of all time.”

She also revealed she’ll be joined by one of her television colleagues, saying that PTA saw her in one of his favorite shows, Workaholics. “He is a huge Workaholics fan, I guess. I mean, his wife is Maya Rudolph, so of course he loves people who do comedy,” Bell says. “But I guess he watches Workaholics and, actually, Anders Holm is in Inherent Vice as well and he’s in Workaholics. So I think [Paul]’s trying to get all of us in there.”

So, I guess we can expect Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson to pop up as well? Even if they don’t, one will find Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, Owen WilsonMartin ShortJena Malone, Eric Roberts, Timothy Simmons, and many more. With less than six months left to go until a release, see the first test screening impressions here.

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