NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Film Forum
Films by OshimaTony ScottAlex CoxJohn CarpenterAbel Ferrara, and Tobe Hooper play in “Out of the 80s“; Le Samouraï continues in a new 4K restoration; Back to the Future plays on Sunday.

Museum of Modern Art
A massive overview of Bulle Ogier has its final weekend with two films by Rivette.

Museum of the Moving Image
The Thin Red LineThe Big Lebowski, and Defending Your Life all play on 35mm as part of “See It Big at the ’90s Multiplex.”

The rarely screened films of György Pálfi are given a retrospective.

Films by Haneke, Kiarostami, and more play in an mk2 retrospective; Saturday brings Three Days of the Condor on 35mm; ’90s NoirEuro-HeistsDream with Your Eyes Open, and Ethics of Care, continue, while a Chris Marker series includes Sans Soleil and a shorts program.

Roxy Cinema
Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood plays on 35mm this Friday; Saturday brings prints of Bronson and Gondry’s Human Nature on 35mm; Dangerous Game screens on Sunday.

Anthology Film Archives
Films by Barry Gerson play through the weekend, while a Paul Sharits program shows on Sunday.

Paris Theater
Howard Hawks’ Ball of Fire shows on 35mm this Sunday.

IFC Center
A Woman Under the Influence begins a week-long run; Man Ray: Return to Reason continues, as does After HoursThe Apple (on 35mm) Tommy, El Topo, and Streets of Fire play late.

Japan Society
America’s largest-ever Hiroshi Shimizu retrospective migrates to Japan Society (watch our exclusive trailer debut).

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