Film at Lincoln Center
A massive Edward Yang retrospective, New York’s first in a dozen years, has begun, featuring new restorations of A Confucian Confusion and Mahjong.

Museum of the Moving Image
A Roy Andersson retrospective begins with two lesser-seen works; the Todd Haynes series continues with Carol and Far from Heaven; Ghost in the Shell plays on Friday, while The Shop Around the Corner screens through the weekend.

Film Forum
A Charlie Chaplin series is underway to coincide with the new Woman of Paris restoration; Days of Heaven (read our interview with Brooke Adams) and Michael Powell’s career-killing masterwork Peeping Tom continue.

Museum of Modern Art
The comprehensive Ennio Morricone retrospective continues, including Once Upon a Time in America.

Roxy Cinema
Amadeus plays on 35mm; Home Alone also screens.

IFC Center
It’s a Wonderful Life and Alphaville have runs; Black ChristmasRevenge of the Sith, Last CrusadeSuperman Battle Royale, and Silent Night, Deadly Night have late showings.

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