When it comes to the sheer amount of projects that Nicolas Cage acts in (or perhaps more fittingly, opts into), it’s often difficult to predict where he’ll head next. This year will bring his most promising feature in some time with David Gordon Green‘s Joe (first look here) and now we’ve got news on other project the Oscar winner has signed up for.

According to Variety, Cage will be joining Tokarev, the next thriller from Paco Cabezas (Neon Flesh, The Appeared). The independent film may draw on some Taken vibes as the film sees Cage take revenge after his daughter has been kidnapped. But instead of being a stand-up guy, he has a criminal past that he reverts back to. While production on that film is set for May, we’ve also got a brief update on perhaps Cage’s craziest career move as of late, his Left Behind reboot.

Directed by stuntman Vic Armstrong, Cage will star alongside Ashley Tisdale and Chad Michael Murray as a group of people who just survived the Rapture, taking a note from the hit books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, which was made into a series of films starring Kirk Cameron. The producers have now released the first poster for the film, which features a Photoshopped Cage and the London-bound plane whose passengers all mysteriously disappear. Check it out below.

Are you looking forward to either of these Cage-led projects? 

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