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‘Warrior’ Director Gavin O’Connor May Head East For ‘Yakuza’

Written by on May 10, 2012 

Coming off the fairly generic cop drama Pride and Glory, director Gavin O’Connor surprised just about everyone with his emotionally-packed story of family and MMA fighting in last year’s Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton-starrer Warrior. He’s now looking towards his next project and it might send him to Japan.

Deadline reports that Universal Pictures has signed the director for a thriller titled Yakuza. The film follows a CIA-esque intelligence expert who gets connected in with the dangerous mafia of Japan called the yakuza. He links up with a godfather baddie and things get even worse from there, all in the “toxic landscape of post-tsunami Japan.”

O’Connor will also take a stab at the script with Josh Fagin, which originated with Aaron & Matthew Benay and was since passed to Chap Taylor. In other words, it’s like any Hollywood production. This is actually an enticing project, since O’Connor could bring a more naturalistic vibe to the usual overproduced stuff that is tied to the genre. That is, if he can get some time off from his Channing Tatum-produced Neverland movie.

Which project would you like to see the Warrior director take on?

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