Ten years after Jonathan Glazer debuted Under the Skin, he’s now reteamed with A24 for the chilling Holocaust drama The Zone of Interest. Based on Martin Amis’s Auschwitz-set novel, the film features Toni Erdmann star Sandra Hüller and Christian Friedel (Amour Fou, The White Ribbon) as we witness their daily activities outside the concentration camp. Shot by Łukasz Żal (Cold WarIda) with Mica Levi reuniting to score, A24 has now unveiled the second trailer and new poster ahead of a December 15 release.

Rory O’Connor said in his review, “Ten years after Under the Skin, the brilliant, elusive Johnathan Glazer returns with one of the most haunting films of this or any year. It’s adapted from Martin Amis’ acidic 2014 novel, though to call this an adaptation would be like saying a thunderstorm adapts the wind. Just as he did with Under the Skin, Glazer takes but a sliver of the source text and lets his imagination––perhaps his nightmares––take over. In his novel Amis alternated between the perspectives of an Auschwitz camp Commander, the mid-level officer who seduces his wife, and the antihero Szmul, a Jewish man who heads the Sonderkommando unit. Glazer strips the vast majority of it away: this is not a film that dares get too close to anyone’s perspective, let alone three.”

See the new trailer and poster below.

The Zone of Interest opens on December 15 in limited release.

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