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The theatrical trailer for Chris Weitz’ New Moon was debuted in a shortened form before Sorority Row last Friday. The full version was revealed exclusively at the MTV VMAs and has now been released online in HD by Summit Entertainment . This one focuses on the relationship between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) with a particular emphasis on threat of the Volturi, who are vampire ‘royalty’ . Following the disaster of Bella’s 18th birthday, her vampire lover, Edward and his family abandon Forks in the interest of her safety. Bella, deeply depressed by his sudden departure, begins to seek adrenaline rushes to see and hear an imaginary Edward. But when Edward is misled to believe that Bella has died, Bella must put aside her own concerns to save him from himself.

With the first look at a very menacing group of Volturi, headed by an intimidating Aro (Michael Sheen), this trailer finally features the antagonistic force that will drive the rest of the series. Edward’s absence is properly felt with Bella’s sadness shining through more prominently than in previous trailers. Not to mention Chris Weitz’s direction looking like a properly funded feature film with its inviting golden hue and realistic action sequences.

Are you looking forward to the film? What do you think of trailer?

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