Complete with one of the summer’s most inventive marketing campaigns, Sony Pictures will debut the next film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp in just about two weeks and so the barrage of materials is gearing up at an even faster pace. Today brings a trio of new posters and featurettes, but first it’s our duty to highlight a great piece over at Wired featuring the director.

In the interview, Blomkamp talks about his personal life and what led to becoming a director, as well as how he came to Elysium, his latest work. Initially, he tells the site that he wanted to follow in the path of his debut film, casting zero stars and working on a tighter budget. Although he had Ninja of Die Antwoord and even Eminem in mind to lead, it didn’t work out and Matt Damon was cast in the film that is said to cost $100 million.

They met in New York and Damon says, “about 15 minutes in, he pulled out what was essentially a homemade graphic novel” of the film, which “absolutely blew [his] mind.” He adds, I talked to Jim Cameron about Avatar early on and what struck me about Neill was the same thing that struck me about Cameron: The world had already been created. It existed in their minds.” We can now get a preview of that world, in three separate featurettes, as well as a new poster and two Mondo one-sheets. Check out everything below and make sure to head over to Wired for the full article.

Update: Check out the first clip directly below.

Elysium opens on August 9th.

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