After embarking on a new take on Mildred Pierce in 2011, Todd Haynes will finally return in 2015 with his first feature since 2007’s I’m Not There, the Cate Blanchett– and Rooney Mara-led Carol. An adaptation of Patricia Highsmith‘s novel, The Price of Salt, the film follows a romance between two New York women in the 1950’s. We now have a better idea of when we’ll first see it, as well as more insight on Haynes’ career thanks to a recent fantastic conversation.

Earlier this month at MCA Chicago, Haynes and his costume designer Sandy Powell (who also works closely with Martin Scorsese) sat down for an 80-minute talk. Before they came on the stage, moderator Bruce Jenkins says their latest work is in its “final stages” and will “premiere in the spring of 2015,” so we assume those going to Cannes will be pleased. For the rest of us, we imagine Harvey Weinstein (who “really gets” the film) will release it by the end of 2015.

They also say the film’s design is “not the 1950’s of Far From Heaven,” one inspired by Douglas Sirk films. Rather the approach was of New York as a “distressed” and “old world city” in a post-war era, also borrowing from Vogue for Blanchett’s character look. They add they mostly looked at street photography from female artists that had a “muted” and “almost sour color palette” for inspiration. Also heavily discussing the inspirations and execution of Velvet Goldmine (which screened before the conversation), David Bowie, and more, check it out below courtesy of MCA (via Miss Belivet) as we look forward to Carol.


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