Throughout his epic, half-century-plus career there’s one genre Martin Scorsese hasn’t touched: the science-fiction film. However, for a new Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, the director and his daughter Francesca Scorsese have the genre on the mind. Ahead of the big game this Sunday, Squarespace has now dropped a four-minute teaser for the ad, directed by Scorsese himself. In the spot, we see the director contemplating his approach when it comes to creating a new short film about an “intergalactic plea for connection” in which a website is the main character. Considering this is billed as a “teaser” for the Super Bowl spot, check back Sunday to see what’s in store.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in an interview about the project, Francesa Scorsese said, “I haven’t seen every single one of his films. I know, I’m the worst. But honestly, I recently saw The Aviator for the first time and I really, really loved it. I loved what he did with the color. I was just completely entranced by the film, and of course the performances were amazing, but I instantly wanted to put that [coloring] in my own project. I haven’t really rewatched a lot of his films, which I’ve been planning on doing. I’ve seen Goodfellas a lot; I’ve always loved Goodfellas.

She adds, “But also Italianamerican is one of my favorites because it’s about my grandparents, and I never got to meet them. I’ve been working on a lot more personal, family-oriented projects, so I’ve been looking up to that film and that project to craft my own, which is cool. [My dad has] always shown me his films, but he gets nervous and so he runs away and I have to watch it by myself. But we’ve both been so busy that we’ve never really had time to sit down and watch films. We have, but it’s more like continuing with my film education versus him showing me his own. I just have a couple left that I have to see. I haven’t seen After Hours or The Departed.”

Watch the ad below, along with Scorsese’s recent meeting with the Pope ahead of his forthcoming Jesus film, expected to kick off production in a few months.

Update: The full Super Bowl ad, directed by Scorse himself, has now dropped. Watch below.

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