Following a premiere at last year’s SXSW, writer-director-star Kit Zauhar’s acclaimed second feature This Closeness is now arriving this summer after an extensive festival tour. Also starring Zane Pais, Ian Edlund, Jessie Pinnick and Kate Williams, the drama was picked up by Factory 25 and will now begin a theatrical run at IFC Center on June 7 followed by an expansion and streaming release on MUBI on July 3. Ahead of the rollout, the first trailer has arrived.

Here’s the synopsis: “Tessa and Ben are staying in Philly for the weekend to attend Ben’s high school reunion. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the couple has to rent a room in a stranger’s apartment. That stranger is Adam, whose loneliness is immediately obvious to his new guests. Adam quickly becomes an unwilling voyeur to the most private parts of the couple’s life. While Ben seeks validation from old classmates, Tessa is left to find her own affection within the confines of the apartment. When Tessa betrays Adam’s trust, Adam goes to great lengths to assert his dominance over his home.”

Watch the trailer below.

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