Cary Fukunaga

Even if you couldn’t make it to any films they’d programmed, what’s likely the best part of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival has already been put online for our listening pleasure. I refer, of course, to Tribeca Talks, in which the festival’s programmers exert influence to get big names talking about their current projects, careers, and thoughts on the medium — industry- and creative-wise.

Of greatest interest, I think, is a conversation between Cary Fukunaga and James Schamus. Along with doing the impossible and making me interested in True Detective once again, it sheds light on the unusual release strategy of his next film, Idris Elba-starrer Beasts of No Nation, a long-pending adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and this director’s extensive technical preparation. Similar enough: Brad Bird and Janeane Garofalo, the latter of whom leads the former to share thoughts on animated cinema and striking a balance with live-action efforts. A bit more business-focused is an appearance by Harvey Weinstein, who, though insufferable in many respects, is hardly the least-engaging speaker — even when he’s patting himself on the back a bit too much. Finally, Carter Burwell and Skip Lievsay discuss their time crafting sound with the Coen brothers, offering a thorough look into the siblings’ precise technical and decision-making processes.

Listen to all of them below:

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