Unless you are in NYC or LA, you likely haven’t had the chance to see the Safdies’ Uncut Gems or Terrence Malick’s A Hidden Life yet, and Greta Gerwig’s Little Women won’t open until Christmas, but today we have the opportunity to have our ears luxuriate in the stunning scores for all three films. Coming from Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, James Newton Howard, and Alexandre Desplat, respectively, each score is wonderfully woven into the tapestry of their films, and now they are available to listen to in full.

“Real filmmaking is every department having as much heart, as much soulful connectivity as possible, to the ideas that are firmly in place in the movie,” Lopatin told Variety regarding his second collaboration with the Safdies following Good Time. “When we do that, the result is what you hear. That’s our style. We certainly had the luxury of having so much freedom.”

When it comes to Little Women, Desplat tells Variety, “I made several versions of many cues, and Greta liked them all and started playing with them. When I saw the movie, the music felt almost wall to wall. It was like watching a ballet with beautiful people in beautiful places, discovering life, keeping their innocence and at the same time losing it.”

Check out all three scores below in full.

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