If you are familiar with the anarchically grungy films of Joel Potrykus, then you’ve certainly seen the talents of Joshua Burge. His latest lead performance is in Alex Andre’s feature directorial debut Pratfall, in which Burge plays Eli, a troubled insomniac who encounters Joelle (Chloé Groussard), an enigmatic French tourist in Central Park. The two set off on a sleepless New York adventure as the city casts a shadow over them. Ahead of a world premiere at Brooklyn Film Festival 2023 this Saturday, June 3 featuring a Q&A, we’re pleased to exclusively premiere the first trailer.

Here’s an expanded synopsis: “Pratfall centers around Eli, a deeply troubled New Yorker grappling with devastating loss. Reeling from the death of his mother and girlfriend Tina, who tragically succumbed to a drug addiction fueled by the city’s underworld, Eli suffers from insomnia. His life becomes an unending cycle of sleepless nights, relentless self-conversation, and a diet of coffee and hot dogs. Consumed by grief and resentment, he harasses Gio and his crew, the local park dealers responsible for Tina’s demise. Eli’s daily routine is disrupted when he crosses paths with Joelle, a captivating yet down-on-her-luck French tourist. Stranded in Central Park, Joelle yearns to explore the city but finds herself trapped among its misfits.”

“Despite Eli’s initial hostility, she latches onto him, seeking a guide in this foreign urban landscape. What ensues is a sleepless tour of the city, an unusual yet poignant journey led by Eli, who embellishes his narrations, painting an image of New York that is as compelling as it is haunting,” the synopsis continues. “Joelle’s curiosity and unwavering optimism serve as a beacon of light in Eli’s world of darkness, initiating an unlikely bond between these two disparate souls. However, their shared journey is not without its perils. The sinister forces that shape New York City, primarily embodied by Gio and his crew, loom large, threatening to engulf both Eli and Joelle. Culminating in a climax that underlines the unforgiving nature of the city and the consequences of past demons.”

“This intimate involvement enabled me to shape the film in its minutiae, crafting a narrative that is as intimate as it is grand, much like New York City itself,” said Andre, who was a one-man crew on location. “Pratfall is a darkly comedic and tragic exploration of loss, loneliness and the profound longing for connection that lives within us all. The juxtaposition of our two lead characters, Eli and Joelle, both stunningly portrayed by Joshua Burge and Chloé Groussard, allows us to venture into the raw corners of the human psyche against the beautifully frenetic backdrop of New York City.”

See our exclusive trailer premiere below.

Pratfall will make its world premiere at Brooklyn Film Festival 2023 this Saturday, June 3 at 8:00 p.m. at Windmill Studios in Brooklyn, with director Alex Andre and stars Joshua Burge and Chloé Groussard in person. Get tickets here.

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