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At Pitchfork, Calum Marsh compiles a Jim Jarmusch mixtape:

Jim Jarmusch is one of the the most important figures in American independent cinema, but in a sense his legacy belongs as much to the world of music as it does to film. From the brawny vigor of Down By Law to the sun-bleached drones of The Limits of Control, it’s difficult to conceive of a Jarmusch film sounding any other way—you get the sense that he’d sooner recast his leads than switch out the soundtrack.

Doug Trumbull‘s 4K 3D 120FPS film UFOTOG will premiere at the Second Fictional Festival this May at Seattle’s Cinerama, First Showing reports.

Listen to Peter Labuza‘s talk on Computer Chess, presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’s Annual Conference in Seattle on March 20, 2014:

A Roger Ebert statue will be unveiled at this year’s EbertFest.

Scott Foundas interviews Roman Polanski for Variety:

“I never really imagined how one can retire,” he responds at the mere mention of the word. “What do you do? Gardening? No, no, I feel really happy when I’m working. I think the best moments in my life are when I work. It was my passion when I was a young man, and it remains my passion. I feel probably the way a carpenter feels when he’s making a beautiful chair and seeing the result of his work. The work itself is satisfying, the process of getting the result.”

Nelson Carvajal‘s video essay on the films of Lars von Trier for Press Play:

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