Recently impressing with her spiritually poignant drama The Innocents, director Anne Fontaine is back, this time having a bit more fun. Pure as Snow is an erotic comedy that provides a humorous take on the famous Brothers Grimm’s Snow White tale. Most notably starring Huppert as playing Maud, the evil stepmother, the first trailer has now arrived out of France, where it will hit theaters this spring.

The update on the story is set in a hotel. As Maud’s jealousy builds of Claire’s budding romance, she banishes Claire, who then happens upon seven princes. Also starring Lou de Laâge (who led Fontaine’s The Innocents), Benoît Poelvoorde, Vincent Macaigne, Charles Berling, Jonathan Cohen, Damien Bonnard, and Pablo Pauly, see the trailer below and we’ll update if English subtitles become available.

Pure As Snow opens on April 10 in France and is awaiting U.S. distribution.

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