Danish auteur Nicolas Winding Refn may have found a leading man for his next project. It could be Harrison Ford according to Empire Magazine via DenofGeek, which I found on The Playlist. Refn is behind the Pusher Trilogy as well as last year’s Bronson and this year’s Valhalla Rising. His next film is reported to be The Dying Of The Light, written by Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull as well as The Mosquito Coast, which stars Harrison Ford. It is reported that Robert De Niro was attached to the project, but has left. The Dying of the Light is about “an aging CIA agent who begins to become afflicted by blindness while on his last mission.”

The Dying of the Light is set to start production in March. Winding Refn was also attached to the Keanu Reeves-starring Jekyll, a Gore Verbinksi-produced heist film and the neo-Western Only God Forgives, set in Bangkok. Refn usually keeps quite busy so I’m sure he could fit another film in this year after this one. As for Harrison Ford doing something potentially great, I couldn’t be more excited. Refn has an insanely unique visual style and I would love to see Ford be a part of that. I have yet to see the Pusher trilogy but I loved Bronson and not sure what to think of Valhalla Rising since I saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival. I’m looking forward to revisiting that and anything Refn does in the future.

Do you like Refn’s  films? What do you think about Harrison Ford in the lead?

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