Horror films are known for turning everyday animals into unsuspected terrors, be they giant mutant bugs, murderous vermin, or the flying scourge in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic The Birds. Now another movie is adding to this distinguished tradition, and we finally get to see its bushytailed villains.

A sales trailer for Squirrels has now hit the web, which is based on an idea from its producer, Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov, and written by Daniel Antoniazzi and Ben Shiffrin. As one could guess, the man-versus-nature film features carnivorous squirrels out to feast on human flesh. The teaser sets up an expectedly tongue-in-cheek tone, suggesting a horror comedy in the vein of Eight Legged Freaks. See trailer and synopsis below:


When a young man’s estranged father is killed under suspicious circumstances, he returns home for the first time in years to get to the bottom of the mystery. Hoping to uncover some logical explanation, he instead finds an army of flesh-eating squirrels hellbent on destroying everything in their path.

With Squirrels currently pre-production, producers Red Sea Media indicate that that Machete co-helmer Ethan Maniquis was hired to direct, but there are no details on casting or an official start date. Regardless of when it begins filming, the recent success of SyFy’s shlockfest Sharknado means that’s there’s definitely a market for this type of movie.

Do you think Squirrels could attract the Sharknado crowd?

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