We’ll have to hand it to Kelly Reichardt for first kicking off the Old MacDonald cinematic universe as Lamb, Pig, Wolf, and Cow all premiered this year. The lattermost, a new documentary from American Honey and Fish Tank director, Andrea Arnold will get a proper release next year following its Cannes premiere. Now set for a UK & Irish cinema release on January 14 via MUBI and a U.S. release sometime in 2022 from IFC Films, the first trailer has arrived.

Ed Frankl said in his review, “Andrea Arnold, director of stylized social-realist dramas like Red Road and Fish Tank, takes a drastic turn with an in-your-face documentary about a farmyard cow. Yet despite a lo-fi, handheld-camera cragginess, it still has something of the lyricism that marks so much of her work, going back to the Oscar-winning short Wasp.   Arnold’s camera meets cattle at eye-level, as close to the animal’s point-of-view as possible, to follow a milking cow named Luma. Her life is bleak: birthing calves who are then immediately removed from her embrace so that humans can use her milk.”

See the trailer below and read our interview with Arnold here.

Cow opens in UK & Irish cinemas on January 14 and on MUBI on February 11 in the UK, Ireland, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy, India & Latin America. It’ll get a U.S. release in 2022 from IFC Films.

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