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Fantastic Fest has finalized its line-up with the great Anomalisa, The Assassin, and Son of Saul, and more.

David Wain explains to Filmmaker Magazine why the brilliant They Came Together got dumped:

The studio simply wasn’t behind the movie. They were very candid with me about it. The first test screening was disastrous — it really seemed like no one got it at all. After that, we conceived and shot the device of the two couples telling the story in past tense. The next test screening went way better, but by that time I think it was too late. Truthfully, our movie was part of an experimental “micro budget” effort the studio was trying out, but they gave up on it some time during our post-production.

Citizenfour‘s Laura Poitras is launching Field of Vision, “a documentary unit that will commission and create 40 to 50 episodic and short-form nonfiction films each year,” Variety reports.

Watch a trailer for the forthcoming international re-release of the Back to the Future trilogy:

Criterion‘s Michael Koresky discusses Dressed to Kill for the recent release:

Dressed to Kill starts with a fantasy and ends with a nightmare, experienced by two different blondes in the same bed. In between, there are two other blondes, one mistaken for the other. There are also split screens, images shot with a split diopter lens (which keeps two planes in focus at once), mirrors galore, and a narrative effectively cut in two, each part presided over by its own protagonist. And in terms of the film’s incessant doubling, we’ve only just begun.

Watch a recent 30-minute talk with Chiwetel Ejiofor:

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