Set for a PBS world premiere on September 18, Rodrigo Dorfman’s new documentary Bulls and Sants is a richly captured portrait of a migrant family’s life in the wake of the Great Latino Migration to the American South. A co-production with Latino Public Broadcasting, the film captures an undocumented family living in rural North Carolina and their unrelenting quest to return to their homeland of Michoacán, Mexico. Ahead of the premiere, we’re pleased to exclusively premiere the first trailer.

“A tale of love, tradition, and the desire to return home, the film documents reverse migration through the everyday lives of an undocumented family who are part of the thriving rural Latinx migrant community in the rural south,” the official synopsis reads.

Bulls and Saints director Rodrigo Dorfman said, “Twenty years ago when I decided to settle in the United States, I thought I had lost Latin America forever, and then a miracle happened: the Great Latino Migration brought it to my doorstep. The arrival of millions of Latin American migrants to the American South gave me the chance to find a way to belong in this country without having to lose my roots. After two decades of being a community documentarian and an emerging “Nuevo South” folklorist, I am grateful that POV has given me and my Latino/x communities the chance to share with a national audience the never before seen stories of a community looking for a way to belong as part of our Nation’s ongoing journey toward a more perfect union.”

See the exclusive trailer below.

Bulls and Saints premieres on PBS Television nationwide Monday, September 18 and streams on and the PBS App until December 17.

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