After crafting the smart, entertaining time-travel thriller Timecrimes, helmer Nacho Vigalondo masked a relationship comedy inside a sci-fi film with Extraterrestrial and now he’s headed into a new direction with his latest work. His real-time thriller Open Windows stars Elijah Wood and adult actress & The Girlfriend Experience lead Sasha Grey, and the first trailer has landed today.

As we can see in this first preview, all of the film — which follows Wood and his search for an actress (Grey), who has been captured by a villain named Chord (Neil Maskell) — takes place entirely on a computer screen or various cameras. Under different direction I’d be weary if a director could pull this gimmick off, but I look forward to seeing what the talented Vigalondo has crafted. Check out the trailer below, with a hat tip from the director himself, along with a poster.

Open Windows will likely hit theaters in 2014.

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