When we got word that Disney and their newly acquired Lucasfilm were planning on pushing out a new Star Wars films every two to three years beginning in 2015, one could guess we’d jump around to different characters across the galaxy. After last night’s inclination that Matthew Vaughn is the man for the directing job, we’ve now got word on how expansive the return to this universe may be.

After Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg came onboard for future films in the series many thought it would be the eighth and ninth, but now The Hollywood Reporter indicates that the writers are being brought on for an entirely different reason. Also producing future Star Wars films, the trade indicates that they’ve been hired to work on films outside the main storyline. Since its in the very early stages, these eventually could fold into films featuring the main characters, but more likely they would explore stories with side characters in spin-offs.

The comparison to Disney’s other massive franchise with Marvel is apparent, as that universe is going off in many different directions. The difference here will be Star Wars: Episode VII will be the foundation moving forward, instead of Marvel’s handful of films leading up to The Avengers. Regardless, there are infinite possibilities where this could go, including characters we don’t even know exist yet — let’s just hope Kasdan and Kinberg stray away from a Jar Jar Binks solo film.

Are you excited at the possibilities? What spin-offs would you like to see?

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