Update: THR says Eastwood is officially in talks to helm the film with Bradley Cooper still leading and producing. See the original story below.

The not-exactly-surprising departure of Steven Spielberg has yet to be officially amended, but a new report would suggest that Bradley Cooper is about to nab a worthy replacement for his star vehicle, American Sniper. According to Twitch, the fact-based drama has become an item of interest for Clint Eastwood, a move bolstered in large part by the project’s shift from DreamWorks to Warner Bros. — as clear a signifier of switched directorial hands one could think of, given the directors’ recent, respective studio track records.

It’s a move that would, presumably, delay a once-eyed production start: Eastwood is about to kick off shooting on Jersey Boys, a rather high-profile title that’s already started its casting process; one’s hard-pressed to imagine WB gladly allowing both the jump and their own directorial spot to fill. But it’s acceptable, otherwise, for they have a filmmaker whose speed and efficiency is unmatched by almost any of his age — by some chance, Eastwood could have it in the can by this time next year.

What’s worth asking, then, is if Cooper waits around to portray Navy SEAL Chris Kyle — a recently deceased service member who performed more sniper assassinations than any American, his kill count ranging from 160 to 255 — or if he balks on account of scheduling. With a producer credit also to his name, I’d presume the actor stays aboard — but, with a major credit in transition, we’ll have to wait.

Does Eastwood seem like a proper voice to tackle Sniper?

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