With the title role (Chris Evans) announced only two weeks ago, and the film’s main villain (Hugo Weaving) only shortly before that, Marvel and Joe Johnston have wasted no time in adding more faces to The First Avenger: Captain America‘s casting roster. Film School Rejects reports via UGO that none other than Tommy Lee Jones has entered negotiations for an unnamed role in the film.

It’s been suggested that Jones be cast as the leader of the Howling Commandos, seeing as Nick Fury’s presence in Marvel’s film universe takes him out of the running as their original leader. A fitting suggestion, to be sure, and Jones’ “man’s man” qualities certainly make him fit for the job, but at the end of the day, it all amounts to hearsay and speculation.

What do you think? Is Jones a fitting addition to Captain America alongside Evans and Weaving? If not the leader of the Howling Commandos, who else could/should he play?

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