It’s a good time to be Dan Fogelman. After finding success on the family film circuit with Tangled and Bolt, the screenwriter got paid $2.5 million by Warner Bros. for Crazy, Stupid, Love. (which recently got the praise from EW of the best recent romantic comedy ever made). He then got a 7-figure paycheck for a pitch with Tom Cruise attached. He also scripted My Mother’s Curse, a comedy starring Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand, shooting this year. Then there is Imagine, his upcoming directorial debut, in which he was paid $3 million by WB for this script. Steve Carell was once attached, but has dropped due to his busy schedule. 24 Frames now reports who may be stepping in.

Quite possibly the greatest actor in cinema, Al Pacino, has been offered the role of the “aging rocker who tries to lead a better life after receiving a lost letter that had been sent to him by his idol John Lennon more than 40 years ago.” After a rough last few years with 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill, and equally horrendous The Son of No One, Pacino has shown promise in such projects as You Don’t Know Jack….and that’s about it. He has also signed on for Barry Levinson‘s Gotti: Three Generations with Joe Pesci and John Travolta. If he agrees to Imagine, it will be fantastic to see him in a promising feature film, which has unfortunately become a rarity for the actor.

As for Fogelman’s work, you can check it out when Crazy, Stupid, Love. hits theaters July 29th.

What do you think about Pacino possibly starring in Imagine? Can he turn around his career this late in the game? Does it matter?

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