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Must-Watch: Tim and Eric’s Perverse Sundance Short ‘The Terrys’

Posted by , on April 1, 2011 at 4:55 pm 

One of the most hilariously disturbing shorts I saw at Sundance 2011 was from Tim & Eric, who are currently shooting their feature film Billion Dollar Movie. We gave you a review (both text & video) for The Terrys, and I’ve been waiting for it to pop up online. And now it has.

As I said in my review, “featuring crackpipes, dry humping, saliva exchange, full vaginal birth, and abuse of every kind, this short from Tim & Eric is certainly not for everyone, but if twisted humor is your thing, this is heaven.” Check out the Daily Distraction below and if you haven’t guessed yet, it is very much NSFW.


Two down-and-out losers conceive a child in a fit of drug-induced passion. They consider the child an abomination, but they learn that this “special” child has a special purpose.

Did you “enjoy” the short? Are you a fan of the duo?

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