Well, this is disappointing. In an almost predictable fashion America got the Top 5 completely backwards. By far the worst wide release of the week, The Expendables came in 1st place with $35m.

Up next, was the mildly better Eat Pray Love, with a $23.7m debut. The Adam McKay action comedy The Other Guys had a nice second weekend, dropping less than 50%, raking in $18m. Christopher Nolan‘s Inception is nearing $250m domestically, coming in 4th and making $11.37m.

The most depressing news of the bunch is Edgar Wright’s wildly creative Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World falling on its face in 5th place, making only $10.5m. This is even lower than the $11-12m tracking prediction.

In happier news, Toy Story 3 has hit the coveted $400m mark domestically. Only 11 films have achieved this. In limited release, Animal Kingdom achieved a decent per-theater-average of $9,1055.

Check out the Top 10 below (via BoxOfficeGuru):

1. The Expendables – $35,035,000 (debut)
2. Eat Pray Love – $23,700,000 (debut)
3. The Other Guys – $18,000,000; $70,543,000
4. Inception – $11,370,000; $248,554,000
5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – $10,525,000 (debut)
6. Despicable Me – $6,767,000; $221,993,000
7. Step Up 3D – $6,626,000; $29,565,000
8. Salt – $6,350,000; $103,569,000
9. Dinner for Schmucks – $6,316,000; $58,816,000
10. Cats & Dogs 2 – $4,075,000; $35,104,000

Are you disappointed by Scott Pilgrim‘s gross? How will Piranha 3D, The Switch, Lottery Ticket, Vampires Suck and Nanny McPhee Returns perform next weekend?

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