bradford young

Bradford Young‘s résumé is short, which is all the more reason to admire his work as a cinematographer and await whatever comes next. (The American Society of Cinematographers certainly took note.) With an eye than can bring levity to a mediocre effort (A Most Violent Year), and reinforce the strengths of a triumph (Selma), we’ll be seeing work from and discussing the man for years to come.

In the meantime, watch (or listen) to a backseat monologue Young performed for Madrid’s EFTI School of Photography. More than a biographical exposition (though we do get some of that), this is a discussion of the many mindsets a cinematographer might inhabit: how they perceive an environment and make that a part of their work; grappling with questions of what it really means to be a cinematographer, artist- or collaborator-wise; and even the philosophy of film vs. digital, with a specific focus on how the technological shift has opened boundaries. One need not be an expert on his work to jump in.

See the interview for yourself, and read the one we conducted last year:

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