After both proving they were masters of their craft this year, Martin Scorsese and Wong Kar-wai recently took part in an extended conversation at Lighthouse International Theater in New York City, following a screening of the latter’s film (which the former officially presented for its August domestic release).

Their 20+ minute talk dives into how he prepared for  The Grandmaster, including looking at Raging Bull, a film he says includes “one of the best action scenes made in the history of cinema,” a comment which even took Scorsese by surprise. Check out the conversation in full below, as well as a visual effects breakdown for Scorsese’s latest, The Wolf of Wall Street. While some of it may be obvious (i.e. Jean Dujardin‘s locale), a few of the super-imposed backgrounds took me by surprise.

What did you glean from their discussion? Were you surprised at the VFX used in Wall Street?

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