With no help from The Weinstein Company when it comes to an awards campaign for The Immigrant and the lack of backing from a major studio for Two Days, One Night, Marion Cotillard may not get the attention she deserves this year for giving two fantastic performances, but such is the irrational system we’re unfortunately accustomed to. In order to help highlight her work, today we have an extensive conversation with the actress during New York Film Festival, which recently became available online.

There for her collaboration with the Dardennes, the bulk of the discussion has to do with her preparation and execution of that performance. She talks about having the “comfort of time” thanks to a one-month rehearsal, and how it differed from her four-month rehearsals working with Michael Mann. When it come to the actual shoot, she notes the upwards of 80 takes and how she perceived every single one was for a reason, due to the long, uninterrupted sequences.

With The Immigrant is now on Netflix Instant and Two Days, One Night opening in limited release later this month (our review), check out the 50-minute conversation below, along with a great 40-minute conversation with the Dardennes.

What is your favorite performance from Cotillard?

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