A few may already be available, but there will no doubt be an onslaught of supercuts that simply smash together scenes from every wide release in 2016 with little finesse. Thankfully, there are a few people out there who showcase some editing skills and personal taste that’s to our liking. As the year winds to a close, we’ll soon be providing our favorites of 2016 in a variety of categories, but today we have an excellent video countdown from David Ehrlich.

As was the case in previous years, it’s a moving, impeccably edited, and wildly entertaining celebration of the best cinema had to offer in 2016. With a good amount of the films currently available to stream, there’s something to discover for everyone. We won’t spoil any of the selections here — though we’ll say his #2 pick will go down as one of the most severely overlooked films of the year.

Featuring a number of music cues that simply delight, check out the countdown below:

How many favorites of 2016 do you share?

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