wong kar-wai happy together

The wait for a new Wong Kar-wai picture might be long, frustrating, and filled with doubt, yet the results tend to be immensely satisfying and, in terms of replay value, long-lasting. Even the “lesser” Wong picture overflows with images, concepts, and characteristics to consider — such as dance, which has played a literal and, as far as neatly orchestrated bodies go, figurative role in just about every one of his features.

This is explored in a video essay that, as written and edited by Rowena Santas Aquino, lays text and music over several scenes, and works through six “moves,” in order to get closer to these sequences’ purpose within his oeuvre. Notwithstanding the baffling exception of The Grandmaster, by far his most dance-heavy film, this is a nice way to look at Wong’s films with fresh eyes — to the point where I’m considering a complete revisit.

Watch it below:

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