Hot off INLAND EMPIRE and Lost Highway restorations, Janus Films have continued their well-reasoned associations with David Lynch by acquiring Alexandre O. Philippe’s Lynch/Oz, a documentary mixture of archival footage, interview snippets, and vast collection of movie scenes, to chart clear parallels between the man’s work and The Wizard of Oz, nearly all of which bear dramatic and literal gravity.

While particulars of Janus’ release are not yet public, British distributor Dogwoof has released a preview for their December 2 opening. Being that its appropriately enigmatic, we’ll turn you to Michael Frank’s (quoted) review: “For a Lynch diehard, Lynch/Oz will be catnip. For any average moviegoer, it digs into the well of American cinema history with enough fascination that it’s worth a watch. As said in the documentary by David Lowery––whose final section acts as a love letter to Lynch and the secret revelations hidden in our favorite films––watching any movie is an act of transportation. And, if nothing else, Philippe’s film effectively transports you into the unexpectedly similar worlds of David Lynch and Oz.”

Watch the U.K. preview below:

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