Rarely does film news engender such outcry as word of Netflix cancelling David Lynch’s animated feature Snootworld––and understandably so––but I’m far more incensed to learn they also canned his series Unrecorded Night. Little was known about it: speculation / conjecture ranged from a Twin Peaks continuation that’s actually called Wisteria (start down this rabbit hole if you want to feel a little insane) to six-or-so feature-length projects in an anthology series. We now may never know, as Sabrina Sutherland told members of the Twin Peaks fan forum Tulpa:

Unrecorded Night was a non-Twin Peaks series that was going to shoot at Netflix but was cancelled when the pandemic hit. There’s always a chance we can pick it up again, but David has been enjoying his artwork and music endeavors, so we haven’t gone back to it yet.”

A state of affairs made worse by Sutherland’s note that, shortly before the pandemic, Lynch was “in Pre-production and close to shooting.” She nevertheless reaffirmed in another answer hopes to resurrect the project, as well as Snootworld. (They’ve apparently considered crowdfunding, which would probably a hefty sum inside of two hours.)

One’s attention is grabbed quite a bit by word of more Twin Peaks. Though it was given perhaps the greatest-possible finale in 2017, Lynch has said certain ideas––e.g. the Laura Palmer analog Carrie Page––will come to him. Sutherland was surprisingly candid (if brief) when asked about such, saying, “I know that David has more ideas for another season, but I don’t know about Mark [Frost].” So: by no means guaranteed, but ten years ago the idea of a third season was unthinkable to anybody outside their very small camp. It’s nice knowing Lynch’s creative energies are such that we might expect new albums (plural). But let’s hope Sutherland’s promise that he’s in fit-enough shape to keep directing doesn’t go unfulfilled.

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