The vague updates for Terrence Malick‘s much-anticipated Tree of Life are occurring at a rapid pace. Mike Fleming at Deadline is reporting Bill Pohlad‘s Apparition is cutting its staff yet again after cuts in July.

Pohlad has been screening Tree of Life to distributors recently (which would explain the impression we reported this week) and that “the film will land shortly.”

According to the report it is finished and will “likely factor into an Oscar race.” This is the last film Apparition has to distribute and nothing in the pipeline, hence the layoffs. I would love to see Tree of Life enter this year’s Oscar race, after rumors of it not appearing until Cannes 2011 or even the fall festival circuit next year. If it is indeed finished, I see no reason to hold back. Although 127 Hours, Black Swan and The King’s Speech all premiered to high praise, there is still room for Malick’s latest.

Are you confident we will see Tree of Life before the year’s end?

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