While the quality of upcoming new theatrical offerings can wildly vary, it’s difficult to be disappointed by a classic. Today brings new trailers for two of the most acclaimed features in cinema history, both receiving restored theatrical releases this year. First up, we’ve got a spare, beautiful teaser for Michelangelo Antonioni‘s masterpiece L’Avventura, in which distributor Janus Films rightfully boasts about their restored 35mm print.

Then we have full-length trailer for the upcoming IMAX 3D re-release for The Wizard of Oz, following Sam Raimi‘s passable, but uninspired prequel Oz the Great and Powerful from earlier this year. With its technical innovations, the 1939 classic should prove to be a worthy watch in the large-format screen. L’Avventura arrives in at Film Forum in NYC on July 12th and runs through July 25th, while The Wizard of Oz hits IMAX 3D on September 20th and one can check out both trailers below, along with a poster for the former.

Are you excited to revisit these classics in the theater?

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