Red Band Teaser For ‘Let The Bullets Fly,’ China’s Highest-Grossing Film

Written by on February 6, 2012 

Premiering here in the US during Tribeca Film Festival, then making an appearance at Fantastic Fest (where we enjoyed its action comedy sensibilities), Wen Jiang‘s Let The Bullets Fly is finally getting a release here next month. Starring Chow Yun-fat, Carina Lau, Ge You, Chen Kun and Zhou Yun, we have a new red band teaser via AICN, which happens to point out just how sad the state of American blockbusters remains. The film we have here – seemingly full of blood, guts and fun – was the highest-grossing Chinese film, ever.

Could you imagine US audiences embracing it whatsoever? While it grossed over $100m overseas, I sadly can’t see it making it even 1/100th of that here. Well, let’s just be happy we get it at all. One can see the teaser below, in which I’m not exactly sure what is occurring in any of the situations, but looking to be packed with energy, I’m eager to check it out.


Set in China during the warring 1920s, the bandit “Pocky” Zhang Mazi (Jiang Wen) and the other bandits ambush a conman; Tang (Ge You) who is posing as the Governor Ma Bandage with his wife. Zhang then proceeds to Goosetown taking Tang’s place as the local governor. Tang becomes his counselor, while Tang’s wife poses as Zhang’s wife. Zhang’s aim at this position is opposed by local mobster Master Huang (Chow Yun Fat) who lives in his fortified citadel overlooking the town.

Let The Bullets Fly hits limited US theaters and on demand on March 2nd.

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