‘Partisan’ Trailer Pits Vincent Cassel Against His Assassin Protégé

Written by on September 2, 2015 


In cornering the market on 2015’s assassin-centered pictures — the ones that deserve attention, at least — Well Go USA Entertainment are throwing a bit of weight behind Partisan, a title that, thanks in no small part to the presence of new Bourne villain Vincent Cassel, won’t be overshadowed by their other upcoming release, Hou Hsiao-hsien’s The Assassin. Having seen that Taiwanese title and having peeked at the trailer for this Australian production, I’d guess that this is probably more in the wheelhouse of a company mostly known for releasing the work of Jackie Chan and Tsui Hark.

This is no complaint when Ariel Kleiman‘s depiction of a violent, code-driven community was to our liking when we saw it at Sundance. As we said, “Beautifully shot by Germain McMicking and featuring electronic-infused original score by Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never), who also provided music for The Bling Ring, the accomplished technical elements work wonders to sell this world and add tension to the small-scale story. By stripping away the surrounding factors — the only way of income for the group is briefly displayed in a quick exchange — Kleiman keeps us trapped in the community to a chilling effect.”

Watch the preview below:



Raised to become an assassin, 11-year-old Alexander begins to question the ways of the cult-like commune he was born into, pitting him against father figure and leader Gregori (Vincent Cassel) in this Sundance award-winning thriller.

Partisan will open on October 2.

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