We saw Compliance at Sundance earlier this year and were blown away. It’s a beautiful and daringly disturbing film that takes a look at the way a mind/minds can be manipulated. We spoke with writer/director Craig Zobel about the film and its origins as well, and he surprised us with some in-depth answers, which included a parallel to David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

The film is set in a midwestern fast food restaurant, in which a young employee (Dreama Walker) is accused of theft by a voice on the phone claiming to be a cop. The manager of the restaurant (Ann Dowd) is pressured to take action against the young woman, and things get out of hand.

Watch the trailer below (via Cinema Blend):

Here’s the poster (via ThePlaylist):

As this trailer promises, Compliance forces its viewers to watch human beings acting at their worse and make a decision about who these people are and how relatable they are.

The film hits theaters in limited release on August 17th.

Are you excited/interested in seeing Compliance?

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