Tom Hardy

After heading to WWII for Christopher Nolan‘s Dunkirk, which has recently kicked off shooting, Tom Hardy will return to the battlefield, in a different form. He’s strapping on a camera to play British war photographer Don McCullin, Deadline reports. Along with Dunkirk, Hardy is no stranger to fictionalized wartime, with some of his first features being Black Hawk Down and The Deserter.

The film will be an adaptation of McCullin’s autobiography, titled Unreasonable Behavior, but whether or not the film will share the same name is yet to be seen. The script is penned by screenwriter Gregory Burke, who made a name for himself with last year’s Jack O’Connell-led drama ’71.

The autobiography charts McCullin’s firsthand account of his journey from living in poverty to becoming a famous photojournalist. The book (which one can pick up here) is said to be unflinching in its depiction, and with the work Burke did on ’71, it seems likely the film will follow suit.

Until more news arrives, see a video on McCullin, featuring his work, below.

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