According to The Playlist, Mars Volta guitarist and co-leader Omar Rodríguez-López has premiered his first feature length film, The Sentimental Engine Slayer at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The Sentimental Engine Slayer is written, directed, and produced by Rodríguez-López who also stars in the main role Barlam. Not only that, he has also scored the original music. Its story, though somewhat ambiguous, is semi-autobiographical and documents some of Rodríguez-López’s sex and drug addled experiences growing up in El Paso, Texas

Despite having made four previously unreleased films, Rodríguez-López admitted in a recent interview with Underwire that The Sentimental Engine Slayer was submitted regularly into competition:

There was no calling in favors or use of my name; most people in film circles don’t know my work with The Mars Volta anyhow!

Although there are no further developments for the release of this film, with its well received reception at Rotterdam it is likely be another candidate for film festivals the near future.

Would you like to see The Sentimental Engine Slayer?

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