While one can’t turn their head without seeing the latest trailer from Hollywood, there was indeed a day when they weren’t rampant in the marketplace. After providing informative, engaging videos on the history of editing, Filmmaker IQ have now delivered their latest work, which looks at the 100+ year history of the movie trailer. First born in 1913 in New York City before the launch of National Screen Service in 1919, the 15-minute video runs through the early incarnations of the advertising method, all while touching on the landmark pieces of promotion.

From Casablanca to Alfred Hitchcock breaking the fourth wall for Psycho to Stanley Kubrick‘s ingeniously edited trailers for Lolita and Dr. Strangelove, it leads up to the birth of the blockbuster with Jaws, a movie that would revolutionize Hollywood (and their marketing) as we know it. Whether you’ve vowed to never watch trailers or find certain ones to be their own works of art, it’s a great encapsulation of the industry’s top advertising method. Check out the video below, as well as a few touchstone trailers, and see more on Filmmaker IQ.

What’s your favorite movie trailer?

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